Ranger in this version can be found with a label which is often faded.  I
have never seen Tonto with a label which would indicate that it was only
sold in the Box Set as pictured below.  If there is a Tonto with a label then
Pictured Above: it would be quite rare.

Pictured Left:  The 1950's version of The Lone Ranger by Kohner.  It is
the larger style with a plastic base.  The Horse is wood but the lone
ranger and the horse head are molded plastic.  The tail is made of some
type of horse hair material.
Pictured Above:  The very rare 1968 Kohner Boxed Set of The Lone Ranger & Tonto Push Button Puppets.  Until
Tonto always showing up without a label.   A friend actually purchased one at a live online auction and it is
pictured above in near mint condition.  This particular example later sold on eBay for a record setting price.